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Thriving Beyond the Margins: How the Same-Sex Attracted CAN Live Faithful Christian Lives; A Six Part Bible Study Workbook for Friends Helping Friends

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So you have the opportunity to study the Scriptures with someone who is same-sex attracted, or who identifies themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Congratulations. What a honor.  In this companion volume to Caring Beyond the Margins, Guy Hammond provides additional studies for individuals with same-sex attractions who are studying the Bible. These studies are designed, not to replace the study series used by your local church, but to complement them and build upon them.
Study 1: Celebrating the Freedom of Choice
Study 2: Holiness, Not Heterosexuality: Part 1
Study 3: Holiness, Not Heterosexuality: Part 2
Study 4: God, the Architect of the Heart
Study Five: Quenching Our Emotional Thirsts: Part 1
Study Six: Quenching Our Emotional Thirsts: Part 1